Scrabble tile jewelry


Scrabble tile jewelry

Perfect gift for Scrabble lovers!

A couple years ago, I made at least 100 of these Scrabble tile necklaces to hand out as convention gifts in Quito Ecuador. Scrabble tile jewelry is a unique and really quick and simple gift to make.

Besides necklaces, these Scrabble tiles are also nice for earrings, bracelets, and key chains. In addition to inspirational and scripture quotes, you could really personalize these tiles for special gifts with photos or the recipient’s name. I even made me one with a reduced copy of my granddaughter’s first drawing.

Scrabble Tile Jewelry How-To

Scrabble tile jewelryFirst, print your scrabble size prints on cardstock or regular printer paper. If using your own design, size them to .83 x .75 inches. Or around 255 x 230 pixels. Cut them out and lay face down. Spread white glue (Judikin’s Diamond Glaze) on the blank side of the scrabble tile and center it down over the back of the print. Press, making sure the print stays straight. Allow to dry well.

Trim print close to the edges of the tile with scissors and sand downward with an emory board to make sure the edges are smooth and even with the tile. Center a self-stick scrabble-sized clear epoxy sticker on the front. If you don’t have the epoxy stickers, you can seal the top with a few coats of Annie Howes glamour sealant or Judikin’s Diamond Glaze.

Use a strong cement type glue, like E-6000 to glue the bail to the back of the scrabble tile, being sure to center it. Press well, clean off excess glue, allow to dry well.  Add a chain and enjoy!



Have fun making and giving some easy DIY Scrabble tile necklaces!

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