Last winter, stuck inside for the pandemic lockdown, I decided to work on one of those projects saved for a rainy day. I knew this project would take more than a rainy day, and this one did take several months.

My sister found the broken down old dollhouse I had made for my daughter over 30 years ago. I had given it to her for her daughter and granddaughter to play with. Now that I had granddaughters, it seemed the perfect heirloom to pass down to them. But, of course, it needed a major remodel.

I’ve been fascinated with dollhouse remodels and been following @lavenderbelle_miniatures on Instagram. Mine would be nothing compared to hers – but I was ready to take on the challenge of my tiny remodel.

I had some repairs to do before I could start redecorating. I used some scrapbook paper I had on hand for the wallpaper and wainscoting. I bought the digital wood flooring on Etsy and used scrapbook paper for the bathroom floor to resemble tile. I found the beautiful oriental rugs on Amazon. Even a tiny rug runner that I glued to the staircase. I shingled the roof with tiny realistic shingles I found on Amazon.

I found a great resource for dollhouse supplies and had fun painting, cutting and installing tiny baseboards, chair-rail and door moldings. I also bought all the other furniture and decor items from there. The living room chandelier is battery operated. The only furniture I kept from the old dollhouse was the porcelain bathroom items and the bed, which of course needed new bedding. Oh, and the piano, which is a music box. Be sure to click on the photos to zoom in for close-ups.

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