Hot Off the Mug Press!

Ok, don’t ask how this idea got started – but since my motto is “I have to try anything once,” it was bound to happen eventually. I love  digital designing (see my greeting cards) and mugs seemed like such a nice clean palette for digital designs – and a great gift idea. Who doesn’t love a pretty mug?

After much research and a couple failed attempts, I found you have to have a certain type mug, special ink, special paper, and yes, a special designated printer just for printing your heat press designs. I’ll share what I learned and what I purchased to make my mugs in a later post. I did my research until I found the best buys for the mugs and equipment. But for now, I’ll just share some photos of a few of my first mugs.

Pioneer Mug - Brothers He Will Make You Firm Anniversary Mug
Pioneer Mug - Sisters Best Friends Mug

Cat Mommy - Personalized

So far, I’ve just been giving the mugs for gifts – anniversary gifts, gifts to my mom’s caregivers, pioneer gifts, etc. Eventually I may try to sell a few mugs, to recoup my investment in equipment. We’ll see…

In the meantime, I’m working of some instructions if you want to get into making your own mugs. I’ve done the research and trial and error, so I think I can give advice on the best equipment for the budget-minded beginner. Stay tuned for my tutorials.





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