I’m sure if you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve seen these garage door makeover pins. Just a couple of easy, quick – and cheap changes can give you the look of an expensive carriage door. From a distance, no one will know. My husband had to get up really close to see what I had done.

Garage Door Makeover How To:

After a good pressure washing to clean the whole garage, all I did was cut those panes from matte permanent vinyl with my Cameo and stick on. I measured and designed my own cuts to fit the spaces. I didn’t have enough vinyl for all 5 panes, so decided to go with just 3 panes centered and I think I like that look better anyway. I also like the way they match the window panes. If you don’t have a Cameo, you can purchase the window decals on Amazon also.

The hinges and handles are of course plastic with magnetic pieces on the back, so they just snapped right on. The great thing is it’s all removable if I get tired of the look!


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