Gray Bedroom Makeover

Gray Bedroom MakeoverGray Bedroom MakeoverGray Bedroom MakeoverGray Bedroom MakeoverShades of Gray Bedroom Makeover

I figured I’d just let the photos speak for themselves. I love the new look – neutral, relaxed, farmhouse feel. Just so you know, this look finally came together after returning 3 comforter sets (too shiny, strong smell, too small), one sheet set (percale-too loud and crinkly), one blanket (too heavy), one set of shams (didn’t match quilt) and three sets of curtains (too dark, too shiny, strong odor). So, it’s not as easy as it looks. Haha I know it seems a little drab – I wanted a break from color – but I’ll add some more pops of color – maybe with some pillows.

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