Anniversary Cakes

Recently I was on the planning committee for a 69th anniversary reception for a dear couple. Although I volunteered to do the slideshow and photography, when they started talking about ordering a sheetcake, I said I’d take care of the anniversary cakes too. It was to be an elegant affair, so a sheetcake just wouldn’t do.

After pricing nicely decorated bakery cakes, I decided I’d bite the bullet and do the cake myself. And of course, being the over-doer that I am – I did 3 cakes, 6 dozen cupcakes and over 100 chocolate dipped strawberries for a whole elegant dessert table.

Anniversary CakesI did my usual large stacked roses cake iced in all white – 12 inch chocolate and 10 inch vanilla tiers, topped with a rhinestone initial, displayed on my antique silver mirrored cake plate. This time, I did the top layer in a messy stripe. I stacked the cake onsite, which was a little easier since it would have been really heavy and precarious to transport already stacked.

The small pink cake was three 6 inch layers. I called it Neapolitan because it had white, pink (strawberry) and chocolate layers. I wish I had had time to snap a photo of it cut – it was pretty cute.

Naked Cakenaked cake

I’ve been wanting to try a naked cake, which are so popular now. I did red velvet (since the color scheme was red, pink, white and black) in just 8 inch and 6 inch tiers. I didn’t really need it to serve a lot, since there would be plenty of cake for the 150 guests; I just mostly wanted it for display. Let me say, I thought the roses cake is easy – naked cake is waay easy. Can’t really go wrong with it.

Russian piped cupcakesI also wanted an excuse to try my new Russian piping tips on some cupcakes. Just one squeeze and you get a complete flower, petals and centers. Just add little leaves. It takes some practice and the exact right consistency for the icing. Also, I really only found a couple tips in the set I could get to do a decent flower. I think with a little practice, there’s potential there. But for the trouble, I think I’ll stick to my easy large roses.

For details about creating the large icing roses, see my post The Secret to Easy Gorgeous Icing Roses.


anniversary reception cakes

Anniversary Cakes Supplies

Note: These are Amazon affiliate links for which I receive a small commission for my recommendations, but it doesn’t increase your cost. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

  • Wilton Tip 1M – This is the 3 pc set I got – better deal than just the one tip. And I do use the other two tips often.
  • Disposable plastic icing bags. This is a good deal for 50 bags. Cut the corner off and stick the tip in. Throw away when finished.
  • Icing spatula. I use the small one for small tiers and the large ones for large tiers. Dip in hot water first to spread smoothly.
  • Cake turntable. These things are a lifesaver when decorating a cake.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional baker and decorator, so I’m sure I’m not doing this the “correct” way. These are just my tips on how I decorate cakes, based on my amateur experience and trial and error.





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