Shiny Hardwood Floors

I’m so glad to have original hardwood floors in our house, and they were gorgeous after having them refinished before moving in 12 years ago. But I was never really sure how to care for them. I mopped with wood floor cleaners but they were starting to look a little dull. And there were a few areas that chairs had scuffed, leaving not only the shine gone, but dirt ingrained in the wood that wouldn’t clean up.

quickshineA couple years ago, I happened to be visiting a lady who had the shiniest hardwood floors I had ever seen. I was raving on about them and asked if she’d just had them refinished. She said they looked horrible when she bought the house and she couldn’t afford to have them sanded and refinished, so she started using Quickshine on them – that’s all- and it built up to this beautiful shine.

Never having heard of this miracle product, I went running straight to Walmart and bought a bottle. Of course I also checked the reviews online and most everyone had amazing results and highly recommended the product. I was also excited to find out it could be used on my vinyl kitchen and bathroom floors as well.

Well, I was definitely impressed, and Quickshine has been my go-to floor shining product ever since. I’m afraid of buildup, even though it’s not a wax, so I only use it maybe twice a year. But that’s all I need to use it. In fact, my kitchen is still shining after 6 months, so I’ll wait a little longer.

But the amazing thing I figured out – was how to use it for those badly scuffed areas that had ground-in dirt. I didn’t want to seal in the dirt and since cleaning didn’t remove the dirt, the only alternative I could think of was sanding. But that would remove the poly finish. But the finish was already worn off, so what could it hurt to try, right? If it didn’t work, I could just put polyurethane back over those sanded areas.

Well, after sanding and mopping the sawdust up well, a couple coats of Quickshine brought the shine right back and the floor looked just like the regular shiny poly finish. The Quickshine will even fill in light scratches without sanding. So, this is a product I definitely recommend. And it’s very reasonably priced too. A huge 64 oz bottle, which will last me for a couple years, only costs under $9!

The photo at the top is in the guest room where the cage for Shreya’s doggie, Coco, sits. The deep scratches didn’t totally disappear if you look close, but they’re way better than they were before. In the same room, my chair scuffs up the floor when I’m sewing – I keep forgetting to put those little pads on the feet. Here’s the before and after of that section.

Shine Hardwood Floors

Below is one of the dirt ingrained spots – in front of the office desk where the chair rolled before we got one of those plastic floor protectors. I just sanded by hand because I couldn’t find my sander. It was really dirty, so I’ll need to do it again later. But it looks way better than it did.

Shiny Hardwood Floors
And, finally, here’s a blurry shot of my kitchen floor I just took while I was sitting here. It’s not a good shot, but you can still tell it’s really shiny.

How to:

Clean floors well; make sure there’s nothing on the floor that will get sealed under the Quickshine. After the floor is dry, squirt some Quickshine on a section and spread evenly –  I use a damp terry cloth attached to my swiffer sweeper to spread the Quickshine. After a few sections, I rinse my rag out good and continue on. After the floor is dry, you may do a light second coat if you want more shine.


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  • Quickshine Multi Surface Floor Finish (with the green label) is what I use.
  • Swiffer Mop – this is what I use to spread the Quickshine, but I attach my own terry cloth.

Disclaimer: PLEASE try a little spot on your floors first before doing the whole floor because it may not work the same for you. If you have matte finish floors, it might make them too shiny. So, please do your research and testing before you go all out. I don’t want you to ruin your expensive hardwoods and blame me. My hardwoods are not expensive – and it was worth the risk for me. Anyway, please test first and follow your manufacturer’s recommendations.









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