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mother daughter braceletsDIY Mother Daughter Bracelets

We gave these mother daughter bracelets out as personalized gifts in favor boxes at our Pink Vintage Tea Party. They turned out so pretty and were easy and quick to make.

Most of the supplies can be purchased on Amazon – with links below. I did get a few from Etsy also. The faux druzy stones added a nice sparkle and pop of color.

How To

To start out – choose all your charms that you want to add to the bracelet. You’ll need to attach jump rings to each of them. The key thing to remember about opening jump rings is do NOT pull them straight open or you’ll never get them closed tight. You need to grab each side of the jump ring with pliers next to the tiny opening and pull the right side toward you while holding the left side in place. Once you add the charm, close the ring the same way you opened it, twisting it back and forth til it fits tight to the other side. Here’s instructions with photos if you need visual instructions. Opening a Jump Ring

Bracelet Blanks

These mother daughter bracelets have little balls that screw right off which enables you to slide the charms on the bracelet, then screw the ball back on to keep the charms on. This makes it easy to switch out the charms and to use the pendants or scrabble tiles without having to add jump rings.

These other bracelet blanks are a little cheaper, but you’ll have to slip the jump rings on the bracelet when you have the jump rings open, then close them back up. Which is a little more trouble, but the other bracelets you risk losing the balls.

I design my personalized name pendants in Photoscape and then size and print them out on cardstock in MS Word. Alternatively, you could use a photo, pretty scrapbook paper or a handwritten name or message if you want. I like making bracelet and necklace pendants with encouraging Scripture verses printed on them also.

It’s neatest to cut the 1″ circles out with a circle punch. But the smaller ones, I just glue the glass cabochons on centered over the circles and then cut out around the glass after it’s dried.

First, put a thin layer of glue on the flat side of the glass cabochon with your finger or a small paintbrush, then press the printed circle onto the glass, making sure the glue is evenly distributed over the whole design. After drying well, put a thin layer of glue in the tray and press the pendant in the tray, being sure to line the design up with the center. It’s important to use Annie Howes glue or similar product so the inkjet print doesn’t run. It dries crystal clear too. You can follow this link for more detailed instructions on making the name pendants. DIY Circle Pendants Or you may wish to make Scrabble tile pendants for your bracelets. Instructions here: Scrabble Tile Jewelry.

Faux Druzy Jewelry

For the faux druzy stone pendants, just use a thin layer of E-6000 glue in the pendant tray and press the stone in place. Wipe up any excess glue that comes out the sides. Be sure to center the stone as you press in place. Some stones don’t fit perfectly in the trays.

I added these pendants to the bracelets and made matching earrings for the moms. These stones are so colorful and sparkly – and inexpensive, it’s nice to make yourself a set of earrings in each color. You could also make post earrings, or use the pendant trays to make dangly earrings.

Mother Daughter Bracelets Supply List

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Have fun making these pretty and meaningful bracelets for yourself and your daughters – or to give as gifts!




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