Make a Miniature Garden

So, I recently fell in love with succulents and the cute little gardens people are making with them. No, not the creepy fairy gardens – just cute little miniature gardens.

Make a Miniature GardenI’ve been mulling over what kind of container to plant one in – when I remembered the beautiful glass birdbath my sister, Pam gave me last year. It was too pretty to use as an actual birdbath – so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. But a miniature garden would be perfect!

Make a Miniature GardenI started collecting a few little succulents and looking at Pinterest and Amazon for ideas – when I spotted these sedum squares at Lowe’s and Walmart. One day on a whim, I grabbed one on the way to the checkout. No more procrastinating – I’m making this garden.

I saw a couple cute tiny critters on Amazon I ordered, gathered other materials I already had on hand – like decorative sand and moss and got to work.

I started by putting a 1 inch layer of potting soil down in the birdbath. Then I simply cut the sedum to a shape that fit in my birdbath. I added pebbles and the sand, filled around with moss and a few rocks. It was so easy – for the impact – that it was ridiculous.Make a Miniature Garden with BunniesMake a Miniature Garden

The only problem I had was deciding how to make the little stream look like water for my bunny leaf boat. I tried glue gun glue – it looked awful. Then I happened to think of cutting a strip of clear plastic. Not perfect, but it works.

Make a Miniature GardenMake a Miniature Garden with BunniesI love my little garden – and I love that it’s very heat tolerant. I do have to water more when it’s really hot, but the succulents handle the heat very well. The little tuft of thyme I put didn’t hold up to the heat, so I’ll probably replace that.

I had a little piece of sedum left, so I made an even tinier garden in a metal paint can. I stuck a few pebbles and a cute little kitty. Looks great on the side table on the patio.


  • Container of your choice
  • Square of sedum
  • Various small succulents
  • Soil (they have some especially for succulents)
  • Small pebbles and decorative sand and rocks
  • Cute little figures like these: (Amazon affiliate links)

Bunnies in rowboat
Bunnies carrying pot





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